Arnold Violin Shop
(540) 323-0560
Frederick, MD


The Arnold Violin Shop carries quality instruments in all sizes, cases, strings, and accessories.  A LIFETIME warranty is included free and covers all labor of repairs, minus supplies or parts for the life of the instrument.  Parts are also covered if it is deemed that they are defective.  There is no warranty anywhere of this kind.  Purchases may be done online or in person by appointment only.  For an appointment call 540 323 0560.

Arnold Violin Shop was founded in 1998 by Stephen Arnold in Winchester, Virginia and is now located in Frederick MD.   I began teaching in Winchester about the same time after having enjoyed a successful orchestral and studio career.  The area lacked a place to rent or purchase high quality instruments.  The closest place to do so was in Washington DC. but the cost of instruments there was very high and travel there inconvenient.  I found that when I moved to Frederick, MD, it was the same situation.  I began trying out suppliers over the next 12 years and finally found a group of makers that produced consistent, high quality instruments at prices below what other shops in the country charge.  The result was a blend of quality and affordability not found anywhere else.  Here you will find the best quality for your hard earned money, an unprecedented warranty at no extra charge, and friendly, down to earth service.    

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